AZ Prop 114: Crime Victims Protection Act

Proposition 114 would amend the State Constitution to prevent felons from suing their victims for injuries.  This amendment was proposed by the Legislature, which is currently barred by Art. II §31 and Art. XVIII §6 from statutorily limiting recovery of damages for any death or personal injury claim.

The Legislature should have the freedom to limit civil liability claims; and while this Proposition would not fully restore this power, would provide a common-sense exception to the current ban, and it is an important step toward tort reform.

The Proposition would keep the current constitutional restriction in place, but add the exception that “a crime victim is not subject to a claim for damages by a person who is harmed while…attempting, …engaging in or fleeing after…a felony offense.”

I strongly support this measure, and (as it has met no opposition) I predict its passage.

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