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AZ Prop 117: Limiting Property Valuation Assessments

Proposition 117 would amend the State Constitution to limit the amount by which the assessed value of real property can be increased from one year to the next. It was proposed by the Legislature to replace the current valuation method, which uses two values—one uncapped and one capped at a higher percentage than the new proposal.  Specifically, this proposal would cap increases in property valuation at 5% annually. Continue reading AZ Prop 117: Limiting Property Valuation Assessments

AZ Prop 114: Crime Victims Protection Act

Proposition 114 would amend the State Constitution to prevent felons from suing their victims for injuries.  This amendment was proposed by the Legislature, which is currently barred by Art. II §31 and Art. XVIII §6 from statutorily limiting recovery of damages for any death or personal injury claim.

The Legislature should have the freedom to limit civil liability claims; and while this Proposition would not fully restore this power, would provide a common-sense exception to the current ban, and it is an important step toward tort reform. Continue reading AZ Prop 114: Crime Victims Protection Act

Arizona Ballot Propositions 2012

It’s that time again: time to wade through 121 pages of proposed ballot measures and pro/con arguments published by the Secretary of State’s office—and that’s before we get to the judges up for review or any candidate research, so buckle up, kids.

I plan to blog through all of them (hopefully sometime before the election).  Posts in the series will be tagged “AZ Ballot Measures 2012”.

Before we get into the propositions themselves in the next post, some general reminders:

Continue reading Arizona Ballot Propositions 2012