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AZ Prop 122: Rejecting Unconstitutional Federal Actions

Proposition 122 would amend the Arizona Constitution and purports to grant Arizona authority to reject federal laws that are determined to be unconstitutional by the Legislature (or by initiative).

Supporters claim it would give the state new tools to force the federal government to shoulder the cost of its own unfunded mandates, but the state already has sovereign authority to pass laws, and where conflicts arise it is already within the Attorney General’s purview to take the state’s case to federal court on 10th Amendment or other grounds.

Nevertheless, the Yes on 122 campaign offers it up as a panacea for issues ranging from CPS/DCS accountability, to ObamaCare-related health plan cancellations, to Tombstone’s water line reconstruction dispute with USFS; but it’s unclear how this proposition would improve Arizona’s ability to respond to any of those issues.

This measure is similar to 2012’s Prop 120 and another that didn’t make the ballot.

Tinkering with the Constitution is not to be taken lightly, and without a compelling reason to do so, I suggest you vote NO on 122.

Maricopa County Prop 480: County Hospital Bond Approval

Proposition 480 asks for approval to issue up to $1.6 billion in debt including interest to fund capital expenditures for the public hospital system in Maricopa county, with debt service to be paid by a new property tax increase. Continue reading Maricopa County Prop 480: County Hospital Bond Approval

Phoenix Prop 487: City Employees Retirement Plan Reform

Proposition 487 would amend the City Charter to change the retirement plan for new city employees from the current pension (“defined benefit”) plan, to a 401k-style (“defined contribution”) plan.  The proposition also codifies the ban on pension “spiking”.

It makes the important structural reforms needed to fulfill our long-term responsibilities to both public retirees and future tax-payers and, contrary to the claims of employee unions, does not eliminate benefits for first responders.  Proposition 487 deserves your support. Continue reading Phoenix Prop 487: City Employees Retirement Plan Reform

Arizona Ballot Propositions 2014

It’s that time again—but thank the Lords of Kobol there are no statewide citizens’ initiatives for the 2014 midterm elections; there are, however, a small handful of legislatively referred measures and some for the City of Phoenix.  Post in this series will be tagged “AZ Ballot Measures 2014”.  As always, please share your thoughts in the comments.

Before we get into the propositions themselves in the next post, some general reminders:


If you are not already registered to vote, 6 October is the deadline. The election is 4 November. Be there. Be registered. Be having your identification with you.

See also my previous notes about Ballot Numbering and Other Good Things to Remember