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AZ Prop 205: Recreational Marijuana

Proposition 205 is an initiative which would legalize personal possession and cultivation of marijuana for recreational use.  It would also create a new state agency to license, tax, and regulate the commercial sale of marijuana.

I believe that we must respect the autonomy of individuals to make their own choices about how to live.  While I do not encourage anyone to use mind-altering substances, and there are seemingly valid concerns about the long-term health effects of regular marijuana use, I cannot conceive of a topic more firmly within the purview of personal choice than what you choose to put into your own body.  Furthermore, our criminalization of drug use has been counterproductive.  However, I cannot support Prop. 205 as written. Continue reading AZ Prop 205: Recreational Marijuana

Arizona Ballot Measures 2016

When Arizona voters head to the polls for the general election on November 8th, we will also be asked to decide several citizens’ initiative ballot measures.  We’ll talk more about those measures individually later—posts in the series will be tagged AZ ballot measures 2016.

With every round of ballot propositions or initiatives, I refer you to some important general information about the voting process.  Please see my previous post about Ballot Numbering and Other Good Things to Remember.

The deadline to register to vote is October 10.  Early voting by mail begins October 12, and mailed ballots must be received by the county recorder no later than Election Day.