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Phoenix Election 2015

Phoenix residents head to the polls Tuesday, 25 August for a city election.  The mayor’s office and certain council districts are up for a vote, as well as several ballot proposition.

I’ll be blogging about each of the propositions over the next few days.  Post in this series will be tagged “Phoenix ballot 2015”.  As always, please share your thoughts in the comments.

With every round of ballot propositions, I refer you to my previous general post about Ballot Numbering and Other Good Things to Remember; however, please note that this election is for the City of Phoenix only, so the normal numbering conventions do not apply—all propositions will be numbered in the 100s and are purely local.  Note also that your regular polling place for statewide elections may not be a voting center for city-only elections: see phoenix.gov/elections for more information and voting center locations.

We like to hold our city elections in off-years and separately from the state-run elections because we like spending extra money unnecessarily and want a low turnout to favour organised special interests.

Stay tuned for specifics on the ballot measure in the next post!

Stanton re-election opposed by city workers over pensions

AFSCME (the employee union for most non-LE/Fire city workers) is seeking to recruit a challenger to Phoenix mayor Democrat Greg Stanton in the August primary (via Arizona Republic). This despite Stanton’s vocal opposition to last year’s Prop. 487, which would have closed the pension plan to new entrants.

Stanton’s opposition to 487 included placing misleading language on the ballot which nearly led to a lawsuit and ultimately led to the measure’s failure.  But apparently that’s not enough for AFSCME.

They just are not going to rest until they run their own pension system in the ground—unfortunately that requires the whole city to go along for the hand-basket ride with them.

Maricopa County Prop 480: County Hospital Bond Approval

Proposition 480 asks for approval to issue up to $1.6 billion in debt including interest to fund capital expenditures for the public hospital system in Maricopa county, with debt service to be paid by a new property tax increase. Continue reading Maricopa County Prop 480: County Hospital Bond Approval

Phoenix Prop 487: City Employees Retirement Plan Reform

Proposition 487 would amend the City Charter to change the retirement plan for new city employees from the current pension (“defined benefit”) plan, to a 401k-style (“defined contribution”) plan.  The proposition also codifies the ban on pension “spiking”.

It makes the important structural reforms needed to fulfill our long-term responsibilities to both public retirees and future tax-payers and, contrary to the claims of employee unions, does not eliminate benefits for first responders.  Proposition 487 deserves your support. Continue reading Phoenix Prop 487: City Employees Retirement Plan Reform