Stanton re-election opposed by city workers over pensions

AFSCME (the employee union for most non-LE/Fire city workers) is seeking to recruit a challenger to Phoenix mayor Democrat Greg Stanton in the August primary (via Arizona Republic). This despite Stanton’s vocal opposition to last year’s Prop. 487, which would have closed the pension plan to new entrants.

Stanton’s opposition to 487 included placing misleading language on the ballot which nearly led to a lawsuit and ultimately led to the measure’s failure.  But apparently that’s not enough for AFSCME.

They just are not going to rest until they run their own pension system in the ground—unfortunately that requires the whole city to go along for the hand-basket ride with them.

Barry Hess: Governments “not real”

Libertarians, this is why we can’t have nice things:

Q: Does Arizona’s relationship with Mexico need repair?…

Barry Hess: “I don’t know that AZ has a ‘relationship’ with Mexico, or any other country (they’re just concepts, and not ‘real’, after all)….”

from AZ Central candidate survey

Hess can probably just continue to imagine himself as Governor then.